Attack at the Golden Bracer

Back at the Golden Bracer, Darryl, Tonks and Magnys go to sleep but Larryl decides to check out the surroundings of the inn one more time to see if they have been tracked. He sees no one conspicuous, so he follows the others to bed.

In the morning they visit the market, as the gnome wants to buy jewelry and Larryl needs a better weapon. They sell their unnecessary items and check out the wares. After some negotiating, Larryl’s kukri is upgraded, which costs him a pretty amount of gold. Magnys gets her chain mail enhanced, while Tonks buys a brooch of wisdom. This will help her with her spell casting. Boots of striding are Darryl’s choice.

When they return, Uncle Sealamin is waiting for them. He doesn’t have any news on the list with traders yet, but will check out Diyab for them.

The next days pass uneventfully. Larryl hangs out at the Sandpit Inn, while Darryl visits the bathhouse. In search of other gnomes, Tonks roams through the city, and Magnys spends her time in the Temple of Horus-Re.

On the third night, Tonks wakes up to stealthy noises in her room. In the gloom she sees a figure going through her bags in the closet. Quickly she activates her light amulet and the intruder runs. Tonks chases him towards the window. He’s trying to climb out! Magnys wakes up from the noise, grabs her mace and runs after her friend. Tonks casts a spell and manages to totally confuse the unknown visitor, who’s climbing down towards a lower roof. There she spots two more villains.

Meanwhile the brothers also have an unwanted guest. Larryl ghost steps onto the roof and looks up towards the window. He sees the intruder fall out, bull rushed by Darryl, and ‘catches’ the guy with his kukri. Darryl jumps after and hits the prowler so hard he dies on the spot. Nobody messes with the brethren! Well, no one except the ‘poor’ confused fellow. He attacks the monk and pisses off Larryl who defends his brother fiercely. This one also doesn’t live to see a new day.

When Tonks flies out the window – activating another spell – Magnys is finally able to join the fight. She climbs down from the window wearing her shield and mace – nothing else. The villains are startled by the hovering gnome and the extremely casually dressed Paladin. Darryl uses the distraction to bull rush another one over the edge of the roof – ribs crack – and jumps down towards the street, where he continues to fight with the guy. When he tries to run away, Darryl kills him.

Magnys goes for one of the attackers and hits him with her mace. She’s only trying to wound him and tries to avoid lethal damage. Unfortunately he falls off the roof, but Tonks flies after and makes sure he’s immobilized. The Paladin climbs up to her room, quickly dresses and then runs down the stairs, opens the inn’s front door and helps Tonks dragging their prisoner in for interrogation. Larryl has managed to hamstring the last of the villains and binds him securely.

This could get interesting!

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