Back On The Trail To Kai


The brave halfling pursues his armored attacker across the warehouse and ghoststeps through the already closed door. Keeping very quiet he assesses the situation: the gang leader is standing at the opposite side of a big table, flanked by an archer and swordsman. There are two doors on either side, while the door behind Larryl is locked with bolts. Out of options for now, he slides under the table and coats his kukri with scorpion poison.

Meanwhile his three friends climb in through the window on the first floor. Ignoring the door upstairs, the Monk simply jumps down towards the spot where his brother had been. Magnys and Tonks take the stairs; no use ending stuck with their two feet in the floor, heavily armored as they are.

With Larryl nowhere in sight, they walk up to the door where Darryl saw the leader last and an infuriated Paladin starts kicking down the door. Eventually she succeeds and as a thank you, catches an arrow.

Magnys rushes in and attacks the archer. In her haste she completely misses and slams her mace straight into the wall. Fortunately her target is a bit surprised and misses the counter attack. In the confusion, the Ninja ghoststeps once again and stabs the armored man, doing a lot of damage.

Stop, the whole building is surrounded. You can’t get out! Surrender and your life will be spared.

Tonks yells to try and stop the violence, but the men are too busy fighting. The archer gets out his dagger and tries to make a hole in the Paladin. He misses, just like the swordsman who is attacking the Monk. Magnys defends herself and gives her opponent a blow, while Darryl goes after the swordsman with a flurry attack.

The Cleric calls on the Vengeance of her Deity and together with Larryl, she attacks the leader, telling him once again to surrender.

Hearing the Gnome’s words, Magnys uses her diplomatic talents to persuade the archer to lay down his dagger. She succeeds and immediately kicks the weapon out of the way. Darryl is having fun, creating dents in the swordsman’s armor. Defeated, the man surrenders and throws his sword on the ground. Magnys binds them both tight.

The leader, seeing his buddies taken prisoner, escapes up the stairs in the corner of the room, with Larryl once again in pursuit. Tonks directs her spiritual weapon to the villain, but fails. Darryl comes to the rescue of his brother and together they grapple the bloke. All are down!

After disabling the sword trap on the outer door, Larryl lifts the bars off and opens the door for the guards. Djuhah and his men rush in to take the prisoners into custody. The halfling then searches both of the headquarter’s side rooms. One is a storage room for food, containing nothing special, the other a kitchen. In a big cabinet they find maps, dice and card games.

When asked for his name, the armored man tells Darryl it is Mutamin. As for his motives: money; the art of robbery is profitable. Djuhah comes back in with his guards and then escorts all prisoners to the Guard House.

The two halflings, the gnome and woman return to their inn at the break of dawn to catch a bit of sleep. Magnys first prays to her Morning Lord Lathander and thanks him for keeping them safe. They wake around noon to their growling stomachs. After a healthy lunch, Darryl takes his brother to the Bathhouse for an afternoon massage. Refreshed and relaxed they go back to the Golden Bracer. In the evening the four of them return to the Sandpit Inn, where they are supposed to meet Dijab.

Tonks and Magnys order a beer while waiting for Dijab, and Darryl tries the wine. Horrible! A little later Dijab walks in, orders a beer and then joins them at their table. He has the information but first wants his money. Larryl shows him the 900 gold pieces.

Dijab tells them that Kai is a middle man who works for one of the big slave traders, Ghunayya. The trader has a good reputation. Dijab will send a messenger to the Golden Bracer, as soon as he has set up a meeting. He has earned his 900 gold pieces. They are finally back on the trail leading to Kai!

The fight continues


Larryl also goes down to the alley, disarms his prisoner after stabilizing him… and then throws him against the wall.

Two more archers appear near Larryl and Darryl and suddenly the Paladin feels a dagger in her neck and a voice growls fiercely at Larryl ‘Let him go!’. They’re surrounded! The guy changes his grip and then points the knife at her throat. Magnys freezes. The Ninja duplicates the move, aims his kukri at his prisoner’s throat en takes a step towards the beleaguered Paladin.

The Cleric casts her invisibility spell and steps behind Magnys’ attacker.

An arrow hits the ground near Larryl’s feet and again he hears the command ‘Let him go!’, which he ignores. Another attacker tries to hit Tonks, but misses. Her invisibility helps enormously. Very annoyed by this all, Darryl charges the second archer but his flying kick only hits air.

Meanwhile Magnys is getting mighty pissed and tries to free herself with an elbow blow aimed at her attacker’s solar plexis. Alas she doesn’t succeed and only manages to get herself cut as a reward.

The Ninja pushes his prisoner against the ground, then runs along the wall and tumbles behind Magnys. He stabs her attacker in the side with such ferocity that he manages to kill him. Magnys is free again!

Tonks turns around and goes after her opponent with a melee touch attack that inflicts a lot of damage. As a reaction the guy stabs the gnome with a dagger. The Paladin – seeing that her friend is now in danger – deals the man a huge blow after which the Cleric finishes him off.

Darryl is also being stabbed by his attacker, and then the dude runs away.  He shouldn’t have done that… the Monk chases and kills him.

Larryl quickly checks the bodies but – apart from 80 gold pieces and a bag of jewels – finds nothing of importance, no identifications. Darryl and his brother take their prisoner inside, while Tonks and Magnys haul the other one up. ‘What in all hells is going on here?!’ The inn keeper, awake from all the tumult, stares with big eyes at the battered group. They quickly inform him of the prowlers and continue to their rooms.

After a bit of threatening, the brothers’ prisoner is willing to spill the beans in exchange for his release. Apparently the bandits were sent to rob the Inn by a guy named Mutamin. Afterwards they are supposed to meet in the southern part of the Trades District, at Warehouse 352. Because the front door is booby trapped, they need to enter through a window. This kind of cooperativeness has earned the man his freedom and they let him go… he immediately flees town.

Meanwhile the women are having a less successful conversation. The guy is rude and won’t admit to anything. The Cleric releases the spell Chain of Eyes on the villain, planning to set him loose while spying through his eyes, but then Larryl and Darryl walk in the room with satisfied grins on their faces.

‘Too bad your friend told us everything we need to know eh? Now you have nothing to offer!’, Darryl says to the suddenly sullen captive. A pounding on the door interrupts and Magnys opens it wide to let in three guards, who have been alerted by the Inn keeper. ‘Do come in gentlemen,’ she says, ‘we have captured this gentleman who’s the representative for the group responsible for a massive burglary!’. The guards tell them that other guests have also been robbed of their gold and jewelry tonight and are happy with the catch. Larryl hands over the bags of jewels he’s taken off one of the corpses and asks the guards to return them to their rightful owners.

The Monk explains the guards about Mutamin , the meeting place of the thieves in the Trades District and suggests they go there together to check out the place and end the thieves gang once and for all. Tonks and Magnys don their armor, Darryl pulls on his new boots and together they set out into the night again.