What is your favorite D&D Class?

I’m conducting a little D&D research. Will you help me out?

And would you be so kind to tell me in the comments why you chose that specific class? What do you like so much about it?

Thank you kindly!
Dungeon DuTchess

7 thoughts on “What is your favorite D&D Class?

  1. Totally difficult to choose – but I went with cleric in the end. You can play anything from a fanatic to a very relaxed and benevolent character, you can chose to align yourself to all sorts of interesting deities and then specialise in a certain branch of spells that fits the bill … I find the variety quite fascinating.

    • Exactly my thoughts! At the moment my character is a cleric –a drow priestess– and I love the ability to kick ass ánd to have spells.
      It’s totally different from playing a paladin. Oh I was a human tank haha. Though I loved my druid too. Like you said, almost too difficult to choose. 😉

  2. I agree with Edwin. I was always a little hesitant of wizard, but when I tried it, I enjoyed it a lot. It offers a lot of variety, and is also a class that’s quite difficult at times. Picking the right spells for the situation, using them at the right time. But it is really rewarding when it all works out.

  3. For me i notice that every 3 years or so i have a different class that is my favorite as i learn more about each one every time. Right now I really like the druid class, a class I never found interesting up until now. Always partial to rangers and rogues. Yet I voted wizard as that for me is the most diverse class where I feel that most wizardy schools offer an interesting way to ( role) play it. So far only experienced the gnome illusionist myself as a player but saw a wonderful example of a drow conjurer and a human necromancer too.

    • You most certainly have played a variety of characters, Edwin. The wizard is a very diverse class, but he almost always has to choose ranged attacks. Don’t you miss the direct ‘physical’ interaction?
      I’m happy that you like the druid too. I still miss my wolfie. 😉
      How about a bard? You played that one too, right?

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