Good tidings

Tired and weary as they are, it is slow-going for the Xaniqos. Long hours pass before they finally draw near to Erelhei-Cinlu. Wrapped tightly in their cloaks, they head towards the Great Gate, where an escort of of eight guards is waiting to take them safely home. The Matron Mother appears instantly and only says

Do you have it?


Without further ado Lilith hands over the Cloak of the Consort to her mother. At her sign Taldinyon walks forward, awed by the fact that he is honored in this way. When he dons the cloak, the effect is stunning – simply amazing.


Did you encounter any trouble?

Might we discuss this in private, Lady Thandysha?

the Cleric replies. Taldinyon and K’yorl accompany them towards the throne room. In stead of the usual two, four minotaurs guard the room after servants have placed pillows on the gr0und. When everyone is comfortable, Lilith continues,

House Shi’quos tried to ambush us and – well, let’s just say Matron Mother Ythesha’na lost her second son, Jhael’min. How did you know the cloak was ‘accessible’?

We received the information about the attack on the transport from House Vae; they are ever watching the trade routes.

And how about the cloak? Are you planning on letting Taldinyon wear it in public?

Phaedra inquires.

Oh yes! There are more cloaks like this and I presume there is no evidence our House took it?

She looks at her daughter, daring her to say otherwise. Lilith keeps quiet.

By the way, didn’t you leave on a lizard?

We had to choose between the lizard and the cloak, battling the aranea that waylaid the caravan. They were wearing Godeep House insignia.

That is valuable information. Don’t you worry about the Lizard, Lilith, you all did well. Bringing back the cloak proves that the investment in the war beasts was a good one. Perhaps our clerics can find ways to strengthen them. Now you and your sister and brothers take a well deserved rest.

The minotaurs open the doors and the siblings leave for the Armory. In the throne room a happy scene unfolds: the Wizard K’yorl is smiling, while the Matron Mother contently looks at her stunning consort.

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