Spider Silk

Curtains of spider silk start to appear in the passage, while loose strands wave in an unseen current. In the beginning they are torn and broken – old webs – but after a while the webs get fresher; they seem to be made in the last couple of days. In the distance they see two curtains that block half the corridor, with additional webbings on the floor. Cautiously, the Xaniqos move on, but Jharrath gets caught in the sticky fabric and can’t proceed.

Suddenly a group of spiders crawls near. Twelve hairy spiders, each as big as your hand. The Scout moves backwards and takes out her crossbow. Four spiders pass the Cleric – leaving her unharmed – and head straight for Jharrath. Alvra and Lilith try to hit the creatures, but the critters are way too fast. They crawl all over the Wizard and try to bite him.

At the end of the corridor, two large spiders appear and one of them attacks the Cleric. It lashes out but doesn’t seem to find hold on Lilith’s armor. Jharrath casts an area of smoke, encircling the arachnids and thus obscuring their sight. The large creatures don’t seem to be affected by the acid smoke, but the smaller ones drop dead.

Alvra takes the opportunity and attacks the spider, but gets bitten himself. Poison flows through his veins and he gets hurt. Enraged, the fighter hits the beast and kills it in one stroke. The Vermin Slayer is back in business! Then the second animal looms from the smoke and goes for Lilith, but again she manages to stay safe. Phaedra takes out her spiked chain and moves closer, while Alvra attacks too. All three engage in the fight and in the end it is the Scout who kills the second large spider.

Meanwhile Jharrath feels the fangs of the little spiders sink into his flesh. Though he gets only a bit queasy and is not much bothered by it, he still wants them off. The Wizard tries to swipe them away, but the little buggers are relentless. Fed up with the situation, Jharrath takes off his stuck boots and walks straight into the acid cloud. And though the smoke hurts him, it hurts the arachnids even more: they drop to the floor, with their eight little legs in the air.

The siblings take a moment to rest and get their breath back. They hear distant clicks, but all is quiet. The Drow don’t feel sick or nauseated, and fortunately the bites don’t seem to have had much effect on them. The Wizard pulls his boots back on and they move slowly forwards. Phaedra again spots fresh webbings, which block their passage. They seem to be very tough. Going back is an option, but then they will lose half a day. They decide to move on.

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