Jharrath Xaniqos


At first glance, Jharrath doesn’t look very out of the ordinary. He is average height and average weight. He has long, thick hair reaching just below his shoulders, usually worn loose or in a partial tail. His body is reasonably muscular, but doesn’t look bulky and he looks quite agile. He has a sharp chin, a thin nose and smooth skin. His facial expression is most often sharply inquisitive, whether he’s in conversation or researching something, but he does on many occasions look bored as well, when there’s nothing to crack his brains over. His posture is solemn and thoughtful.


Jharrath comes across as sober and austere. Even when he’s busy with something he enjoys it’s hardly noticeable, except for a small smile that sometimes appears and the sharpness of his eyes, showing that his brain is at work. Jharrath is easily bored by menial tasks that don’t require his intellect. He is curious about many things, mostly that which is foreign to him. Anything he comes across that he’s not familiar with intrigues him and he likes to research those things at length.

Jharrath is silent and calm in his interaction with others, both when he is being appropriately submissive to his female superiors, and also when is being dominant to his inferiors. He doesn’t believe in ass kissing, but he finds rebelling just as alien. He knows his place in society in general and is content. He is ambitious in his search for knowledge and more power and wants to rise higher to prove his worth. He is cautious in battle and likes to know the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents and exploit those as best as he can. With people around him he adheres to drow hierarchy, but when he notices weakness among his peers, he definitely makes a mental note of it.

When it’s about family, Jharrath follows the normal drow mentality of family taking precedence over personal ambitions. Though he still wants to show his strength and worth to his Mother and siblings, the way he wants to make it happen is by making sure his family grows in the city.

Jharrath’s strength is his intelligence and his hunger for knowledge. He is not satisfied with learning basics, but wants to know as much as he can. In Sorcere this results in him stalking tutors for questions. He is also charismatic. Though mostly stoic, Jharrath can be friendly with people he deems of the same intellectual level. Within the family he is level-headed and tries to calm emotions when they rise high. His opinion is that emotional behavior is a lack of brain activity. When he is being disrespected he doesn’t respond in anger, but remains neutral. This doesn’t mean that Jharrath lets people walk all over him. He adheres to the saying ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’.


From a young age Jharrath was sent to Sorcere. For as long as he could remember he was always a curious being and Sorcere suited him well. He found out quickly he had a knack for the Arts and tried his hardest to excel in it. After initial training, Jharrath chose to specialize in Conjuration. He had always been curious about the Planes of existence and the ability to summon creatures from different worlds had caught his interest.

He dropped his training in enchantment and necromancy spells. Jharrath finds enchantments too unpredictable in effect and limited in use. He dropped necromancy because he has a strong distaste of undead. He finds it filthy and he feels that the dead have died for a reason, so to rely on their skills again is laughable.

From that point he dedicated himself to training his skills in the Arts, especially those of his chosen school. He also kept reading books from a variety of subjects. From historic encyclopedia on the Underdark, as well as the World above, Geographic maps of various regions in Faerûn, tomes of arcane knowledge and studies on the different planes. He also started practicing alchemy, in an attempt to make some practical use of his knowledge. He enjoyed his time at Sorcere more than his time at home. Sorcere lacked domination by females, he got along well with tutors as he didn’t pose a threat to them yet, and the same went for his peers. Unlike other students, Jharrath was in no hurry to fulfill his ambition to rule Sorcere as an archmage. For the moment he is satisfied at biding his time and exercising patience, while others hurry to the top or their death.

Though he enjoyed his time at Sorcere more than his time at home, he still felt a strong urge to see his House do well, and when the call from his Mother came to return home, he did so, choosing to bring his personal collection of books on various subjects, his strategy game and his alchemical set. His desire to prove himself for his family now is priority for him.

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