Ultimate D&D room

Found the most perfect room to play D&D in. The word ‘awesome’ is not good enough…

Take a look at this picture:

You’ll find many more in Two years later… 

Too bad it’s not mine! And I don’t think the owner lives close to our group; there’s probably a big ocean in between. 😉

Huge compliments to The Burntwire Brothers!!

6 thoughts on “Ultimate D&D room

      • Laugh, the portculis. Yeah we are attempting to make our dining room be one. 🙂 (who needs a dining room when such adventures are waiting.)
        You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a dragon chandelier. You have any lighting suggestions?

        • Dining is a minor activity, compared to grand adventures! I don’t have a D&D room, but it must be so nice to linger in that atmosphere, even when not playing. Alas it has been a couple of years since our group had our last adventure.
          Would love a dragon chandelier! I guess you’ll have to search for it on Etsy and likewise websites? Google is your friend haha. And candles are nice, but you also need enough light.

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