Lilith Xaniqos

Lilith Xaniqos

Gender: female
Age: 28
Appearance: slim yet wiry, pure black skin; pointed ears and lavender almond-shaped eyes; 5.4 feet tall, 120 pounds. Dressed in tight-fitting black long skirts with high splits to enable maximum freedom in movement and a leather bustier with red silk accents, more revealing than concealing. There are tiny pockets hidden in this leather outfit. She wears leather bands around her neck and and holds her long white hair back with (sharp) hairpins, so it tumbles down her back in a nonchalant mass. In the throat band is hidden a holy symbol of Lolth.

The drow sweeps into the room, slamming the door shut. Utter indignation causes her eyes to flare red. ‘How dare they!’, her fierce voice resounds off the walls. ‘They will pay for this. House Xaniqos will NOT be played for a fool!’ Then she goes through the calming rituals she learned at school and kneels before the stone image of her deity, Lolth. Praying ‘Elliya Lolthu’ over and over again, she surrenders herself to the Spider Queen’s mercy. 

Meet Lilith, second daughter of the house of Xaniqos.

At the head of House Xaniqos stands the Matron Mother Thandysha, for whom Lilith has the utmost respect, though that is the only thing she feels for her mother. Lilith doesn’t really know her that well, since she was half raised by her elder sister Quarra, half by the clergy. Lilith has a younger sister who sometimes listens to the name Phaedra, and two brothers: Avra and Jharath. Ever since she was a child, Lilith has shown an aptitude for divine magic and has been studying to become a Cleric for many long years. These studies led her away from home over longer periods.

She has recently graduated from the Clergy school: a big step to reach her main goal in life: become a High Priestess of Lolth, as to honor the Spider Queen and thus bring wealth and influence to House Xaniqos. Lilith is determined to reach this aim in whatever way possible. She won’t let anything stand in her way, not even the tests of Lolth. In fact she’s looking forward to them, so she can prove to the Spider Queen that she is worthy to serve her!

Others might describe her as strong, proud and dedicated, quite bossy and stubborn. Also touchy and quick to anger. She is a born leader and expects others – lower ones like men and other races – to simply fulfill her demands and orders without hesitation. When disobeyed, she will not hesitate to swiftly set things straight. Lilith will not confide in others quickly, if she does at all. She’s learned early in life to trust in herself and in her faith in Lolth.  She will always act with the House Xaniqos’ interests in mind.

Lilith is a fervent disciple of Lolth and makes sure that all members of House Xaniqos are faithful in their devotion to the Spider Queen. And this – whether or not forced – preaching of the devotion to her goddess does not stop at the threshold.

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