Drow Cleric

For the first time ever I’ll play an evil character in our next campaign! Normally I prefer playing a ranger, druid or (like I’m playing at the moment) a paladin – defending the weak, trying to do good, healing and loving nature.

But after this one, no more goodie good doing. Nope, I’ll be Lilith, a drow cleric in the Underdark. We already rolled the stats:

Charisma: 17
Strength: 15
Constitution: 15
Dexterity: 13
Wisdom: 16
Intelligence: 16

A drow gets +2 on intelligence, +2 charisma, +2 dexterity and -2 on constitution.

To give you an impression of an evil drow cleric,  meet Viconia DeVir. She’s a character in the role playing game Baldur’s Gate.

12 thoughts on “Drow Cleric

  1. Yeah, that is by far not a bad idea. If you are into animals that is true, if not you can give them names of failours they have done or just call them “men 1 and 2” 😛 But to keep the flow going i suggest puppie names, or using their chr names.

    “threatening, balancing, being dominant, tough and keeping a strict discipline.” <- now THAT is a drow female.

    Cleric curses? I suggest anything that has with standard humans, elves or similar good-alligned creatures. As they are looked at as weak and pathetic. You may also use curses like "may the light take you" "You are unwanted by lolth" etc. As they hate the light and to be unwanted by lolth is to be more or less a non-drow 😛

    Ssussun – Light be upon you

  2. These things help enormously to prepare myself for the new adventure, thanks Are. A whole new way of thinking. Perhaps I have to give them puppy names 😉
    So it’s threatening, balancing, being dominant, tough and keeping a strict discipline. I’ll need to learn D&D Cleric curses my friends!

  3. As kelly stated you are more or less a god to them. A female drow cleric can kill, torture, rape or hurt whoever she wants as long as its not another female cleric.

    To make your “role” sure you must see yourself as an evil man owning a group of dogs, if they behave they get treats like healing or blessings from lolth, but if they misbehave they will be punished. Never forget that they are there not as friends or comrades in a band of adventurers, they are there as pawns to get you higher up on the familie-tree.

    But be weary, as you often will find yourself alone outside the comfort of your own house. If you have pushed your men to far they might turn on you, and than the key to surviving is to scare them with power, lolthfilled curses and the statement that they are just men, you are a freaking cleric of lolth. Your house will hunt them down and hurt them if they as much as lay a finger on you.

  4. Hm.. a female in the drow society as far as I remember was always superior to male no matter her status within a society , if she was a cleric her status become almost god like and the only one that is higher then a cleric was the matron mother of the house and loth herself . If you remmember that I am pretty sure you can fit in the dominant female model perfectly and whip these drow boys to shape 😉

  5. Are, chaotic alignment it will be then 🙂

    Indeed I’m going to be the only female drow cleric in the group. Don’t know exactly the other’s choices yet, since we will start this campaign only after the current has ended. And that could still take more than one session.

    No matron mother, but a lower cleric in the drow society. There’s one other female but she won’t be a cleric. Haha I don’t think I could really ‘kill’ my companions, no matter the size of the dog LOL haha 😀

    Thanks so very much for leaving these comments!

  6. Kel, I’ve read the books of Salvatore and those will indeed be a big help in role playing. So I’ll have to keep in mind what I want and then make sure I get it, without the need to please my companions. But I do need to please Loth!

  7. Comment by Are:

    Michael K. And ofc, the allignment makes it all even more easy. I have played both chaotic evil and lawfull, chaotic was by far the easies as i had no reason to do anything i did not want and i could just act on a whim. Lawfull on the other hand was a bit harder as i had to plan and “sceem” more and larger evil plots 😛

    Marion; If i have understood it correctly you are playing a female drow in a party of drows, and to top that great choice you are a cleric. I go on a lim and guess the rest of the party is drows too? And you are the only female cleric?

    I belive this will be your best and hardest play ever. A female drow cleric is the leader of the group (no questions asked) and its your will and plans that will shape the group. As a matron mother in a family you must have a reason for everything you do, but if it fails or some dirty filty man-drow does not please you/fails your orders or so help him Lolth you can (and with your rep. in mind you must do it) punish him, make an example etc. This will colide with the general “i want to have fun with my friends” feeling you have while playing dnd.
    For this is not a group of adventurers that are bound together by unbreakable bonds of friendship, loyalty etc. They are weak men that are there to serve you, and so help them Lolth if they dont!

    I endede up killing three of my groupmembers one time i tried to play Drow. Not becouse i was evil and wanted them dead, but becouse they failed me more than once and they talked back at me. The insolent little dirty dogs!

  8. Comment by Michal/Kel:

    evil does not mean you do not heal your party … evil means you advance your needs in front of everybody else and you try to do things in a way that benefits you the most … think of the drow society from R.A Salvatore books and you’ll get the general idea of what evil character is like … if you can’t do it think how good character would play and then think the opposite in most cases that is how evil / bad characters would play.

  9. Thanks Are, that’s an interesting way to look at it! You’re giving me a bit more self confidence. Could I practice my evil ways on my kids? To get them to do things? 😉
    So as an evil person, you don’t need to kill people but intimidating is good enough? And if a person in my party is badly wounded, could I heal him ’cause it serves my purposes at that moment?

  10. Comment by Are:

    Evil is actualy way more fun than good. You get a thousand more options in every kind of situation. The diversity of gameplay is grander and more complex than a good person.

    Need to find out where the holy scroll of Antioch is located?
    Good; Ask around, find yourself a priest and get him to either scry it to you or just help you in locating it. When its found you may ask the good paladins that guard it to give it to you based on the reasons a good person would want it.

    Evil; Ask around, do your best not to be noticed by anyone that would ask themself why a dark-robed person would want this holy item. Find yourself a priest that you can force/bribe or trick into scrying it for you.
    Find the paladin castle where its located and come up with a brilliant way to escape the automtatic detetction of evil, the protective spells of paranoid paladins etc..

    Basicly, good = easy and straight farward, evil = think outside the box

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