Nocturnal events

Sunday, July 4th

After the bazaar, Tonks visits the Temple of Horus-Re. She sells her scrolls Mage armor, Dispel magic and Magic missile to a cleric. Driver Ahmad continues to the inn with Larryl, after dropping off Magnys at the entrance of the Temple of the Aster. In the temple she suddenly hears a familiar voice! Quickly Magnys turns around and then jumps into the arms of her dear uncle Sealamin, the man who changed her life into service of Lathander. Magnys is happy to hear that her parents, who are still living in Skuld, are well. On impulse she invites Sealamin for supper in the Golden Bracer at 8 pm. Then she makes a generous donation to the temple to honor her deity Lathander. Both women follow Larryl back towards the inn as well.

Later that evening, freshly bathed and dressed in clean clothes, the party is waiting for Magnys’ uncle to arrive. On the menu are tantalizing dishes, all the tastier after the long sea trip: pheasant, beef, bread, goat cheese, potatoes, cactus fruit, fresh tuna and a bottle of good wine. Sealamin is late for their appointment, and when he finally shows up,  he explains there was an emergency at the temple. The food is indeed excellent and while they’re all enjoying it, Magnys steers the conversations towards the subject of slavery. Sealamin confirms that slavery is legal in Skuld, but abducting people from the street is not! He offers to subtle inquire after the whereabouts of Kai and will try to get his hands on a list of all traders in the city.

Then a message from the temple of Horus-Re arrives: all the drums of oil have been stolen from the lighthouse! Uncle Sealamin has to excuse himself from the dinner party to investigate, and the others decide to help out.  They all get into the Temple coach that is waiting in front of the Golden Bracer, the ladies wearing armor, carrying weapons and backpacks, just in case. Gone is the lazy evening and Darryl wishfully thinks of the massage that is waiting.

The coach first takes Sealamin back to the temple and then drives on to the military port where the lighthouse is situated. There they find a little warehouse with two guards. After our friends tell the guards that the Temple of Horus-Re sends them, the duo gives full cooperation. They explain how the oil barrels are transported by dinghy to the island tower, and that three guards have been struck down on duty. Magnys asks if something special was at hand, or has happened, but the guards answer negative. The Paladin urges the men to be on their guard in this dark night and then rows towards the lighthouse with a new supply of oil, Darryl handling the oars with her.

When they arrive on the island, the remaining three guards are glad with the new oil. Two of them rush up the tower to rekindle the fire of the lighthouse, while the other tells them that veiled men have clubbed down the guards present and have escaped, taking all the oil with them. Larryl starts looking for clues near the oil storage and finds tracks that lead them to the Northern shore of the island. With the huge fire burning anew, the guards on top of the lighthouse sound the alarm, spotting a ship further down the bay. Our four adventurers rush back towards their dinghy and start rowing towards the ship, while the guards send light signals to the military port for backup. The unknown ship raises anchor and sails towards open sea, but then they spot another dinghy that sets course towards the rocky shore.  Our party decides to follow this sloop.

The unidentified sloop has been secured to a ring near the entrance of a cave-like opening. Magnys and Tonks climb out of their dinghy, followed close at heel by the brethern. A corridor leads them further into the rocks. By the light of Tonks’ amulet of light they follow the passage to the right, when suddenly they hear a click and a hissing sound. It seems they have activated some kind of trap, but everyone can back up quickly enough to evade any nasty consequences of the gas. The corridor leads towards a door, and when Larryl pushes a button on the panel, the door opens into a storage room. There are oil barrels inside! In the corner of the room there’s a stairway that leads up towards a sturdy wooden door. Larryl senses something fishy about it and very carefully disables another magical trap.

The monk tumbles through the door into a well stocked cellar where they find a hatch. It opens into a living room with a couple of open doors. When Darryl hears voices that sound alarmed, he quickly closes the latch again and douses his torch. Footsteps resound above their heads and everyone holds his and her breath. After a while all seems quiet, but when Larryl sneaks back up through the latch, there’s a guy waiting for him with a crossbow. Then all hell breaks loose and everyone is engaged in a fierce fight, in which Larryl uses his cool ability to walk through walls to surprise his opponents. Our companions win and on Tonk’s advice take a prisoner alive.  The inhabitants of the house turn out to be extraordinary well equipped: full plate mail, large steel shield, bastard sword and composite longbow, all magical.

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