The Old Empires

Currently we’re in the middle of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign The Old Empires, hosted by our Dungeon Master Gonadan.

Dungeon Master: Peter
DARRYL, halfling Monk (Thijs)
LARRYL, halfling Ninja (Edwin)
TONKS, gnome Cleric (Krystle)
MAGNYS, human Paladin (me)

In this story I’m playing Magnys Wolfswift

Race: human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful good
Deity: Lathander
Gender: female
Appearance: braided blond hair, green eyes, medium height
Age: 32

Magnys grows up in the city of Skuld in the Mulhorand-region. Her parents are hardworking traders who have little time for their only daughter. Thus she has to constantly compete with her three older brothers, who find an easy victim in their young sister. Being bullied over and over, Magnys starts to rebel. From her often physical fights with her brothers, she learns how to defend herself and over the years she grows strong and gains self-confidence. Magnys can’t stand to see injustice, and she is never one to back down when she thinks something isn’t honest or right. Giving up is not in her vocabulary.

Since childhood, Magnys looks up to her uncle Sealamin Trannyth, who visits the family on yearly basis. Sealamin is a Paladin of the Order of the Aster who roams the countries througout Faerûn on his never-ending quest for upholding the law and doing good, helping others. The stories about his work trigger Magnys’ strong sense of justice, and in hearing about Lathander, the Morning Lord, she finally can give a name to the calling she has felt growing ever stronger.

When Sealamin comes by the next time (Magnys is 16 years old then), she begs him to take her on as a squire. Having grown into a young strong woman with a clear view on what is right and wrong, the Paladin is touched by the strong emotions that so obviously live in Magnys – like in himself – and he takes her along with the consent of Magnys’ parents.

For long years she accompanies Sealamin on his travels, until she sets out on her own, a proud member of the Order of the Aster herself.

Then she meets her new friends: the female gnome Alohomora Tonks and the halfling brothers Larryl & Darryl Quickfoot… read more about the adventures here.

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